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Buddhist Pilgrimage Package

DAY 01 Arriving at Delhi airport and have an overnight stay in the city.

DAY02 Roam through the city of Delhi, which is engulfing in it the fusion of power, invasions, conquests and freedom.

DAY 03 Leave Delhi for Lucknow via air or train. On arrival drive to Srasvasti, a place where Budha spent 25 rainy seasons of his life.

DAY 04 Visit the cities Jafta Vama Gardens and then drive towards Lumbini the Birthplace of Lord Buddha for an overnight stay.

DAY 05 Visit the historic town of "Kapilavastu" called Lumbini and then drive towards Khushinagar in the afternoon for an overnight stay.

DAY 06 Khushinagar is known as the place where Buddha attained his PariNirvana. Then we will leave for Patna via Vaishali where Buddha preached his last sermon and announced his impending Nirvana.

DAY 07 Leave for Bodh Gaya in the morning via searching through the ruins of Nalanda, which are still echoing with the chants of scholars. Then visiting the great holy place of Buddhist, Rajgir located in the scenic environment of the valley.

DAY 08 Bodh Gaya is the holiest place in the Buddhist world because this is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment.

DAY 09 After a night stay at Bodh Gaya. Later on leave for Sarnath where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon. The next destination is- Varanasi.

DAY 10 Varanasi is the city, which still pulsates with the energy that is both sacred and the mundane, not to forget that early morning boat ride on the banks of the Ganges.

DAY 11 After encountering the religious reflections of Varanasi, head back towards Delhi. Ajanta & Ellora Bodhgaya Gaya Kapilavastu Kaushambi Kushinagar Ladakh Lumbini Nalanda Nagarjunakonda Nagarjunasagar Orissa & Buddhism Rajgir Sanchi Sankisa Sarnath Sikkim Sravasti Tabo Tawang Vaishali

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